The new logo contains the brand theme “Today | Tomorrow | Forever.” This phrase is not new; it has been a component of our vision and promise statements for a number of years:

Every Christian with a Lifetime Plan for Giving today, tomorrow, and forever.

The LCMS Foundation is the only LCMS organization that offers you comprehensive charitable expertise and services to help you plan and direct your passion for giving to family and all ministries of the church today, tomorrow, and forever.

In the past, the Foundation has defined the phrase in terms of giving: how the gift is managed and when it provides resources for ministry. We categorized direct gifts as “Gifts Today,” deferred gifts as “Gifts Tomorrow,” and perpetual gifts (endowments) as “Gifts Forever.” Each year our annual report provided the number and value of these areas of giving using these definitions.

The new definition of “Today | Tomorrow | Forever” will move away from categorizing types of gifts and provide broader, more encompassing support for all the Foundation’s services to the church.

A Foundation Marketing survey revealed common denominators in how people see the Foundation. The survey asked people to rank 1) the most important reason why they would work with us and 2) the most important expectation of the Foundation. Tied for first, the two most important reasons to work with the Foundation were to help the ministries people care about and to provide for their family. The most important expectation is being Christ-centered.

“Today” provides the opportunity for action or response; it is the Foundation position to serve our church right now. For individuals and families, it is our opportunity to meet with them, speak with them, assist them with their stewardship plans, and respond to their questions. For organizations, it is the desired action of contacting us “Today” to begin the process of starting a gift planning program (or relationship) and initiating our investment services.

“Tomorrow” is the resulting expectation of that action or response. It is the completed stewardship plan created together with gift planning counselors. It is the consistent professional services provided by the Foundation’s investment program. “Tomorrow” develops the confidence in our constituency that the Foundation will carry through with the plans and provide fiduciary responsibility for those plans.

Unlike “Today” and “Tomorrow,” both time measures used by people, “Forever” is the immeasurable assurance of Christ’s love for those we serve and the Foundation. Only Christ is “Forever,” and the Foundation is a Christ-centered organization.

During our Fall Board of Trustees meeting, members of the gift planning subcommittee were introduced to the new theme. The committee provided this reaction: “As we get to the ‘Forever’ part we can not only point to the fact that our ‘Today’ and ‘Tomorrow’ efforts are all ultimately for the sake of the eternal Kingdom of God, but also to emphasize that we both gain our strength from, and seek only to serve, the One who alone really is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

The Foundation will continue to expand the theme’s definition as we listen and gain feedback from those we serve. It is the donors, investors, associates, allied professionals and you that truly make the Foundation what it is. We will continue to focus our efforts to honor and give glory to Christ.